More Random Quotations from Len...

There’s a reason why you’re so tired.

There’s a reason why your people are fighting.

There’s a reason why they’re at each other’s throats, fighting worship wars and other conflicts.

There’s a reason why I’m the last person still in ministry out of my entire ordination class.

There’s a reason why people are pining for simpler times.

There’s a reason why Thomas Kincaid is the largest selling artist. There’s a reason why Country Music is the biggest music industry. People are trying to escape to simpler times, but they can't run away from one of the biggest cultural shifts in world history.

Churches and seminaries are trying to prepare leaders in calm waters, but we are preparing for the perfect storm of societal shakedown.

We are in the FIRST perfect storm for Christianity. We have never had three weather patterns that have come together, all at the same time. These three patterns are...

  • Postmodernity –> but this is just a transitional period, ending 2030 at the latest. After that, we’ll have something entirely different with a new name.
  • Post-Christendom (increasingly anti-Christian) –> we are entering a world that is more often unfamiliar with Christianity than jaded by it.
  • Post-Cold (war) ~ Post-Round (earth... now it's flat) ~ Post-Human (cyborgs) –> The world we're entering is expanding so rapidly that we find it easier defining ourselves by what we're after, what we're not, and what we've moved on from. We are in a flat world where superpower standoffs like the U.S.S.R. and America are things of the past. And we are all increasingly surviving by unnatural means, from prosthetics to prescription drugs... as artificial intelligence approaches and someday rivals the computing power of the human brain, we will face a strikingly new set of challenges.

...And yet in relatively recent years, we’re still killing people because they have scientific views.

Perhaps most importantly, taking hold of the future means taking extreme measures for the sake of Christ.

A move to the center is a move away from Jesus...
“Balance” by its very nature is anti-Jesus.


Harlequin said...

I think the fact that the year 2000 has probably had an impact on the Post-Christendom idea. 1600 year to fix things and its failed the West. Best you can say is its survived 2000 year, which looking at it history, proves nothing, other than it managed to get the patronage of the 'right' people.

Also, it denies the possiblity of improvement, evolution. Everyone is a sinner. Redeemed, but a sinner.

People aren't ignorant of Christianity, they are tired of it. It is associated with repression, corruption, and abuse. The scandals in the church of sexual impropriety and child abouse is nothing new. The only difference is that now people are tired of a yoke. THe will stand up and tell their Pastor raped them and the church supported him, blaiming the victim. The Church, and by implication, Christianity, is tainted by a history of denial. And that isn;t just a Roman Catholic disease. I know people who were raped by their father as he quoted the Bible. People who were told their daughter was insane, then quietly moved the problem from one chapel to another. If the church is villified, and the religion discredited is that the masses won't take the shit any more. It was hard earned.

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