The Bathwater is Dirty...

We are often so afraid of throwing out the baby, that we don't realize the baby is sick... getting a rash FROM the bathwater. Or maybe getting frostbite because the water cooled off several hours (or centuries) ago.

Or maybe we accidentally used Selsun Blue instead of Baby Shampoo in the water, so it's burning Baby's skin. Or what if Baby's skin is simply getting all prune-like, and it's time to dry off?

Wow, what if it's not even a baby anymore. What if we've been trying to bathe a toddler in a baby tub, and the toddler doesn't even fit. He's still dirty because there isn't enough water to cover him. The water is black sewage because Toddler was just running through the drainage ditch in the backyard.

...or what if we drowned the baby? What if we were so worried about keeping the baby in the water that we didn't notice his little head went under?

Maybe we were talking on the phone.

All this to say: don't we trust God to lead us forward?

Recently converted author Anne Rice said in an interview recently, "We're too afraid that the devil is winning. He's not winning! WE'RE winning, and we have to start living like it."

Throw out the bathwater! The Holy Spirit (in my humble opinion) will ensure that the baby (the Body of Christ... for Christ's sake!) will survive.

Is Jesus SO fragile?

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