By the way... GETTING MARRIED!

This Saturday I'll be a husband!
She's amazing!


Ed said...

You're absolutely right: now you'd better treat her right!

Congratulations, blessings and happiness to the both of you. My Wife and I will have been married 21 years as of Christmas Day, 2005. Marriage can be a beautiful, precious thing. I suggest unrelenting forgiveness, lots of smart love, patience, prayer and consistent, well thought-out communication.

I went on Google to find out about "emerging Christianity," and your site was the second listed I believe.

I won't be able to read too much of your info this AM, but hope you'll continue in your convictions as they look 'right-minded.'

Take care, God bless you both,


darker than silence said...

Congrats, Dude. And treat her right!!!

I've seen too many good girls being used and abused and it pisses me off...

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